Blackhead Removal | Squeezing Blackheads

Blackhead Removal – Does Squeezing Blackheads Damage Skin

Blackheads are one type of acne that people must contend with when dealing with their facial skin.  Blackheads, also known as comedones, are caused by oil and dead skin getting trapped in the pores of our face.  The removal process can be a little tricky, if you want to prevent acne scars on the face.

Removing Blackheads

Blackheads can be removed at home a number of different ways.  One way is to start with steaming your face.  With a towel over your head, put your face above a bowl of hot water, letting the towel hang over the edges of the bowl.  Let the steam soften your facial skin for about ten minutes, and then you can begin to remove the blackheads.  Along with softening your skin, the steam will have helped loosen the dirt and oil in your pores, making it easier for the blackhead to be removed.

Blackhead remSqueezing or Bursting Pimplesoval for squeezing blackheadsUsing the long, flat blackhead removal tool, press this against your skin and the blackhead should pop right out.  In essence, the tool will be squeezing the blackhead for you.  You can find this special blackhead removal tool at any drugstore, Wal-Mart, Target, or even online.

Another method for removing blackheads is by using the toothpaste method.  For this method, you would put a dab of toothpaste on the blackhead and leave it on overnight.  The next morning, you would clean the area with a cotton ball that has been dipped in alcohol.  Then you can gently squeeze the blackhead.

Squeezing Blackheads

Squeezing blackheads is generally not a recommended method for removing the bump, as it may leave dark spots and/or blemishes.

If you squeeze the blackhead before it is ready to be removed, you can cause even more damage.  Not only will your skin be damaged, but you can cause the oil and dirt from the blackhead to be pressed inside, thereby beginning to form a pimple.  If the material does squeeze out, your pore may become permanently enlarged or facial skin scarring may occur.  The same can happen if you begin picking or digging in the blackhead to try to remove it.

Proper Skin Care

Most people will deal with acne and blackheads some time in their lives. The first step is to wash your face to insure that your face remains clean and as oil-free as possible. The second step, once you notice the blackhead, is to try the eliminate the bump with one of the methods mentioned above, without squeezing it too vigorously, thus damaging your skin.