6 Natural Cystic Acne Home Remedy

6 Natural Cystic Acne Home Remedies… In Your Kitchen Cabinets

Aside from the medicinal treatment given to patients with cystic acne, there are natural cystic acne home remedy that would as well manage the said medical condition. These are very easy to obtain since most of the ingredients are readily available in our homes. Cystic acne home remedy is one sure way to treat the conditions; at the same time, prevents the occurrence of condition.

Baking Soda. One important ingredients in treating and preventing cystic acne breakout is no other than the baking soda. Combine one-half teaspoon of baking soda into the water, and mix it until you make a paste. Put the paste into the affected area, and wait for 15 minutes before you remove it. Wash the area with a cool water. This would lessens the oil in the skin glands, and prevents the accumulation of bacteria and dirt that cause cystic acne.

Potatoes. This ingredient is very essential in removing oils in the pores of our skin because it has alkaline content. Potatoes are used as natural cystic acne home remedy, because its juice can help treat the affected area. Let it stay on the area affected for about half an hour, and then clean it with lukewarm water.

Eggs. Cystic acne home remedy may include egg whites. Adding honey on the egg whites could be decrease the cystic acne breakouts and prevent it from occurring.

Turmeric and Honey. Combination of different tumeric, honey, and lime juice can essentially eliminate the cystic acne problems in adults. This decreases the swelling in the skin of the individual, and at the same time gives him or her a soothing and relieving effect after application.

Contraceptive Pills. Women experiencing cystic acne breakouts would essentially caused by consuming contraceptive and birth control pills. But one may prevent the occurrence of cystic acne breakouts by consuming contraceptive since there has been a recent research about the effects of these medication to the oil producing glands of women.

Tea-tree Oil. Tea-tree oil can treat cystic acne as it eliminates bacteria that causes the acne outbreak. It is as well effective in reducing swelling in the affected area.

For a betterment of skin health and treatment of cystic acne, it is good to make a move in curing the medical condition right away. It is important that you should have a good skin care, ask you doctor for the appropriate oil-free makeup and acne skin care products to treat the condition.