3 Facial Skin Care Tips

3 Facial Skin Care Tips for All Skin Types

The kind of care your face needs depends on your skin type and the kind of environment you are in. City folks would be exposed to smog and pollution that could make oily skin feel really grimy. Hot and dry locations, on the other hand causes skin to be dry and cracked. Keeping some facial skin care tips in mind can help you maintain your skin condition where ever you are and whatever type of skin you have. There are different product lines from different manufacturers that are formulated to give every skin type the kind of care it needs. Most of these products are easy enough to get hold of and integrate in your daily skin care regimen. The important thing is that you choose the right product for your particular skin type.

Your skin can be dry, oily, or combination. You can normally tell what kind of skin you have by a close examination of your face. A consultation with your dermatologist will let you know for sure what your skin type is. They are also the best people to ask for the best facial skin care tips you can follow. The following differentiates one skin type from the other and tells you how best to take care of your skin:

1. Oily Skin – this skin type is characterized by greasy skin that often feels sticky. This is caused by the over production of sebum. This kind of skin is prone to acne especially when the pores are clogged by dirt and dead skin cells. Some people think that frequent washing is the solution to oily skin but, this sometimes only just makes the oil glands work harder in making more sebum to compensate for the dryness caused by harsh chemicals. Choose products that effectively clean the skin without stripping it off of the moisture it needs. Creams and oil-based skin products are not recommended. The best skin care products for oily skin are those that are non-comedogenic.

2. Dry Skin – skin dryness results from its inability to retain moisture. The skin then becomes stretched and tight to the point that it becomes itchy. Signs of skin dryness are often observed on the cheeks and in the area around the mouth. In most cases, a good moisturizer can make the skin feel refreshed and silky again. Be careful in using facial skin care products since those that are laden with chemicals are known to aggravate dry skin. Choose only those that contain natural moisturizers that keep your skin hydrated even with just a couple of days of application.

3. Combination Skin – this type of skin is quite tricky since you have to deal with both the oiliness and the dryness. The T-zone or the area across the forehead and down to the length of the nose is often the concern for people with combination skin. This area tends to be too oily and shiny most of the time. It also tends to be prone to acne while the cheeks can become overly dry. The kind of facial skin care products for combination skin types are those that are mild cleansers for the T-zone and moisturizers for the other areas. Using a blotting paper on the T-zone and putting on sunscreen is also most recommended for people with this skin type.

You should be careful in the kind of products that you put in your shopping cart when you are choosing facial skin care products. There are products that might cause your skin problem to worsen or products that simply put your money down the drain. For skin problems that persist for long periods and do not improve even with the help of facial skin care tips, you have to go and see your dermatologist for professional advice. A professional would be the best person to tell you what to do for your skin problem.

Whatever your skin condition is, the best facial skin care tips can be summarized in three important tips: have a regular skin regimen, eat a healthy diet, and avoid bad vices. You need to have a morning and evening skin care routine using products that you have found to be useful and effective. You also have to make sure that you eat only healthy foods that are not overly fatty, salty, or sweet. Stick to foods that are prepared without the healthy way like steaming, grilling, or poaching. More importantly, stay away from excessive drinking, smoking, and partying to keep your skin healthy and glowing.