Laser Acne Scar Removal Cost

How Much Does a Laser Acne Scar Removal Cost?

Laser Treatment TechnologyThere are a lot of questions regarding laser treatment, and the cost and effectiveness of the procedure. The prevalence of acne scars makes it necessary for most of the population to learn everything that has to do with its removal and the possibility of treatment.

First, acne is a skin condition that is normally comes out during a person’s adolescence, although there is really no assurance that it will stop or not occur later on in life. It is, nonetheless, very unattractive and it really puts a burden to one’s self-confidence.

Unfortunately, acne usually leaves a scar which is most often deep and permanent. A scar like this is called a pitted acne scar. Although most dermatologists agree that it is probably the most challenging type of scar to remove, most of them are also in agreement that the best process to remove it is with laser treatment.

Does Laser Acne Scar Removal Hurt… and Other Issues

Laser acne treatment is a process that aims to strip the damage skin to uncover the new layer of the skin which is smoother and more even. An intense beam of light targets the skin and stimulates its collagen to promote cell renewal. While everything of this are taking place, the laser also tightens the skin.

There are several questions that the people are asking in regards to this curious procedure and there are straight answers for these questions. One – does it hurt?

The answer is a straight yes. It does hurt and it does cause serious discomfort to the patient. A deep acne scar requires several sessions of this treatment before it can be improved. This means that a patient shall undergo all the discomfort and pain every session. The good news, dermatologists are using special anesthetics in order to provide maximum comfort for the patient.

The Big Question – How Much… Cost?

One must note that this process is the top of the line choice for acne scar removal. It is also considered to be the most effective. If you want the best results, you must be ready to shell out a considerable amount of money.

The charges may vary from a lot of factors but the average cost of this treatment in the United States is $792 per sessions. The usual sessions require at least 5 that will cost around $4000. Most insurance don’t cover such procedures because it is considered to be cosmetic in nature. Doctors and hospitals offer loans, financing and flexible terms in order to help the patients to afford the rather costly rates of the therapy.


Before and After Laser Scar Treatment

Other than the cost of laser acne scar removal, one is very particular about the results of the procedure. If they are to shell out much money for the treatment, it is reasonable to be concerned about its promised outcome.

From the premise that ice pick acne scars are permanent and cannot be completely reversed, doubts are understandable. Fortunately, skin professionals have been doing this for quite some time now so there are a lot of references you can first check if you want to be sure about the results.

Reasonably, results will vary depending on the scar’s severity and the type of laser used in treating the said scars. It is important to talk to your dermatologist first to confirm if the treatment is appropriate for your condition.

In all of your medical concerns, it is always wise to talk to your dermatologist first to consult if the treatment is appropriate for your condition. Your doctor is the best person to answer your concerns, whether it is the pain, the results, or the costs.