Boxcar Acne Scars

Best Procedure to Remove Boxcar Acne Scars

Boxcar acne scars are a type of depressed acne scar which looks like a pit. It also has a puncture-like appearance but it is acne-vulgarisnot as deep as an ice pick acne scar. This type of acne scar has well defined edges. Acne scars like these are caused by the damaging or loss of collagen and tissues under the skin that is why the affected area is pulled downwards because there is no support anymore.

There are a lot of types of acne scars and this one is included in the most common scars. Acne scars form because of untreated acne or pimple popping too. In this article, people will be able to learn more about boxcar acne scarring, and how to treat it.

Ice Pick Scars Evolve into Boxcar Scarring: Watch Video

Treatment Regimens

There are a lot of ways in treating scarred tissue which may prove satisfactory. There are natural remedies, and there are also procedures done that require machines and the presence of a dermatologist.

Some great natural remedies are acidic fruits because they help lighten the color of the scar. Acne scars tend to have darker tones and massaging the fruit juice onto the affected area regularly will help in lightening the scar making it match the skin tone more naturally. Olive oil is also a big help when it comes to lightening and reducing the appearance of the acne scars. In some severe cases, procedures in the clinic may be required. Dermatologists will a perform procedure that will help remove boxcar acne scars.

What is the best procedure for removal?

The first one is the punch excision. Punch excision is done by removing out the scars using a cutter tool. The skin is then bonded by skin glue or sutures and it is done by a dermatologist. When the wound has healed, it will also have a small scar but it is a lot smaller than the acne scar and the skin will be more even.

The next best procedure is the punch elevation. In punch elevation, the skin is opened at the base and then elevated to relieve depression. The skin will also be bonded by skin glue or sutures and it will also leave a small scar that can be removed by micro-dermabrasion treatments. These are some of the ways to help hide acne vulgaris.

Another famous and effective way to treat deep tissue scarring is laser surgery. The laser will be removing dead tissues and will be healing the skin tissues. This is a very effective procedure, and it can also elevate the depressed acne scar. Acne scars do not completely fade but with these great procedures, the scars will definitely reduce its appearance and the skin can look a lot normal. It is easy to treat deep tissue acne scars especially when the advice of dermatologists are followed.