Ice Pick Acne Scars

Different Methods to Treat Ice Pick Acne Scars

Acne is a very embarrassing skin condition but worse than that is deep tissue scarring. More than acne, acne scars can be emotionally, physically and mentally damaging. It can cause very low self-esteem in a person suffering from such. Fortunately, with the technology we have nowadays, there are many options for treatment for ice pick scarring. Here are some of the most common and highly recommended treatments that dermatologists do on patients suffering from such condition.

Laser CO2 Treatment

Deep Tissue ScarringOne of the most effective means to treat severe acne scars is the laser CO2 treatment. In this method, laser is used to remove the top most layer of the skin where the scar has occurred. The reason why many dermatologists recommend this treatment for acne ice pick scars is because the depth of the penetration of the laser beam is under control of the doctor. The laser will be smoothed on your face for up to three times. Sessions usually last for one hour depending on how severe your condition is. Treatment costs about $6,000 and is usually repeated after 6 months to ensure that scars have really healed. It may be expensive but definitely worth it.

Skin Needling

Another popular treatment for pitted scarring is skin needling. What this method does is it uses needles to puncture on the already punctured and scarred part of the skin to promote collagen formation. After a few sessions new collagen will form and fill the site which deep pitted acne scars previously occupied. Treatment usually costs around $150 up to $500 depending on how severe your case is. But results are not immediately seen and can take a few sessions before newly formed collagen starts filling he holes.

Chemical Peels

This treatment for ice pick acne scarring is also very common but is not advised to people with sensitive skin. The treatment for ice pick acne scars involves different forms of acid that is typically used on the skin and found on many skin care products to peel the skin and reveal a smoother layer. It usually involves mixing glycolic acid with salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid. This mixture helps in peeling away old layer of skin to promote healthy regeneration of skin cells for a smoother skin and less obvious or shallower scars.


A lot of people prefer this treatment but it can sometimes be painful especially for people with sensitive skin. This method uses an abrasive tool to peel off and shed the top most layer of the skin and reveal a smoother layer underneath. This is a great method for ice pick acne scars as it helps reduce its appearance and make the scars seem shallower. Aside from that this also helps in reducing and shrinking the size of the pores to make your skin look really healthy and flawless.

These methods to treat severe skin damage can help get your old skin back. With these treatments, you never have to worry about getting embarrassed and bullied because of your blemished skin.