Pitted Acne Scars: Is There Relief?

The Dreaded – Pitted Acne Scars

man with ick pick acne scarsWhat is Pitted Scarring?

Pitted acne scars are a type of acne scarring that is characterized by skin indentations caused by the scar tissue left by severe acne. Other than being physically unattractive, pitted scars can also be emotionally damaging and may even cause self-deprecation.

These reasons created a hosts of challenges for dermatologists globally. Their main goal is to remove the scars effectively, successfully and without any trace of it at all. Affected people have suffered long enough thinking they are stuck with the flaw.

The Removal Process

There are now available treatments and procedures that are proven to be effective in the removal of this formerly depressing and used-to-be-irremovable acne scar. Treatments range from natural to technological, from cheap to overly expensive, and from topical to surgical. The consumers now have the privilege to choose which procedure or acne scar treatment will work for him best.

Below is the list of procedures and treatments:

  1. Laser Acne Therapy. It is said that laser treatment is the best way to treat this type of acne scar; it is also called scar revision treatment. During this process, beams of light with high concentration will be focused on the problem area and resurfaced the skin. It will soon develop a smoother complexion. It is said that 100% of patients that underwent this treatment resulted positive results afterwards although the healing percentage varies depending on the severity.
  2. Chemical Peels. In this treatment, chemicals which are medically formulated are applied to your skin, most Lady Applying Make-Upespecially to the problematic areas. The compounds of the chemical will peel the outer layer of the skin. What will be left is another skin layer that will show a smoother and even tone.
  3. Microdermabrasion. This dermatological procedure was introduced by medical skin specialists and it uses exfoliation to remove the outer layer of the skin as opposed to chemical peels which use chemical substances to achieve the peeling. Several sessions of microdermabrasion are required in order to achieve the desired results.
  4. Hydroxy Acids. This type of acid is present to many skin products like toner, moisturizers, lotions and skin creams. It is a special kind of component that can exfoliate the skin and promotes skin regeneration.
  5. A Regular Facial/Skin Massage. This can be done to complement the methods or process chosen in treating your pitted acne scars. Massage helps proper blood circulation, which then promotes healthier skin.

Whatever method of treatment or therapy, it is wise to consult a dermatologist in order to properly understand the complexity of the treatment and condition. Eating the right kind of foods and enough exercise will not only help you in healing those pitted acne scars, but they will also take care of your whole well-being too.

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