Types of Acne Scars – Severe Cases

Types of Acne Scars: Four of the Most Severe Cases

There are many types of acne scars that are treatable from the comfort of your home, but four are considered to be worst case scenarios; and may need the care of a dermatologist.

You seeā€¦ acne scars are most common for people who are prone to having acne and skin problems on a regular basis. These scars may look permanent on the skin but there are cures and treatments to remove them. However, these treatments alone might not be successful for severe acne scars.

For these people, seeing a dermatologist is the best option. Dermatologists are well aware of the different types of acne scars, and they are also the best people to prescribe cures for ice pick scars and pitted scarring. Here, people will be able to learn about these skin problems and be able to spot the differences in their appearance.

What are the four types of acne scars?

Rolling Acne ScarsThe first one is called rolling acne scars. These are called rolling scars because it resembles a roller coaster path or a wave-like appearance on the skin. These are caused by the development of scar tissue between the subcutaneous and the lower tissues. These scars can be cured by sub-scission done by a dermatologist.

The next one is the ice pick acne or pitted acne scars. These scars look as though they were pricked and are actually deep tissue scarring. These are caused by infections under the skin that have worked their way on to the surface. The skin is damaged internally, and has created a deep hole in the healing process. These are usually cured by punch grafting of the skin.

Another type of acne scarring is the boxcar scars. These scars also have a pit but they are not as deep as in ice pick scars.Boxcar Scars The edges of these scars are very much defined, and at first look, dermatologists can tell that these are boxcars. These scars are caused by the infection damaging the collagen area, therefore removing the support of the skin and pulling the skin downwards.

The last type is the hypertrophic or back acne scars. These scars are caused by overproduction of collagen in the skin causing them to appear inflamed or swollen. These are mainly found on the chest and on the back. Cortisone creams and injections are the most commonly used medications to cure these hypertrophic scars.

Types of Acne Scars

How to cure these types of acne scars faster?

The cures for these scars should be followed as prescribed by the dermatologist. For the cure to be effective, the person must follow the guidelines to the letter particularly with regard to the dosing of oral medications and the number of times topical creams should be applied on the affected area. Keeping the skin clean and not using strong chemicals on the skin are key steps to expediting the healing process. This will also help it to absorb the medications easily and completely.

For women, it is not advised to use make up products on the skin while having treatment for acne scars. It only agitates the skin more and it could only lead to more acne production. It is also important to keep the face clean and wash it with mild soap or baby soap; and water only while undergoing treatment for any of the many types of acne scars.